Charles Peters

Designer / Developer

How to Kill Your Creativity

“Everything seems like nonsense and everything else is bullshit.”

That statement is a murder weapon. It kills the possibility, it doesn’t accept that anything new could rise from the dust and ash, it decays the hope that could bring liberation or change.

Cynicism is the number one cause of death for your creativity.

When we sink beneath our own despair of a perpetual reality where all the nonsense and blanketly accept that there’s nothing good coming or could come, we’ve lost. The ground loses it’s fertility and there’s no possibility of growing anything. Cynicism robs you of whatever potential existed for new things to be created. Hope is the ultimate source creative energy. When we allow ourselves to cut off hope or ignore possibility we’ve rejected that opportunity for creativity to flourish.

The reality is a lot of things are are nonsense and bullshit and they need to be changed. You need to see the possibility among the nonsense. You think the Black Keys decide to not go in the studio because Nickelback exists? You think because Comic Sans is a system font on Mac and PC, Jessica Hische decides not to design type? Of course not.

New things can rise. The capacity for beauty to rise out of mundanity and nonsense is so endless and vast. When we can actually rise above our post-modern, ironic drudgery to see those opportunities to create and for new things to be made.

But I forget that almost every time I open Facebook or when I talk to people from really small towns. It kills my creativity, I literally don’t want to do anything. What kills yours, is it politics, social media, bad music?