Charles Peters

Designer / Developer

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Working in my home office


I'm Charles and I'm a designer and developer living outside Seattle, WA. I focus on building things for the web: client-side applications, modular front-end systems and design tools.


Here's What I can do for You


More often than not, to validate a new feature in your app or get buy-in before you commit to it, you may want to prototype and may not have time to take away from your day-to-day aspects of your project. I can help you build and compile prototypes for your project in HTML / CSS / JavaScript. You can read more about my thoughts on prototyping here: Link to Medium post about prototyping.


Are you in the middle of a big redesign effort? Do you need an extra set of hands? Do you need early concepts to work with? I can help your company meet your set of metrics for your redesign and push your project forward. I can work with you to organize your CSS and templates with a consistent architecture that focuses on future use.


On the verge of building a lot of new projects? Need to keep them consistent? Let's build a styleguide together! Auditting your past project and consolidating all your design assets in one place is a great place to start for something new.

Have something else in mind?

Need someone for staff augmentation? Need your CSS refactored? Need me to work on your Ember app or React app? Let me know! I’m open to working on a variety of different projects related to design and front-end development. Talk to me about what your needs are and we’ll work something out.


Typically this is how I work

Research & Discovery

When I start a project, I need to get into understanding the problems we’re trying to solve, what’s the core function we need to perform. This is the most critical part of a project; it’s where we get everything out in the open and figure out where to start.

Paper Prototype

Before we touch design software or write a line of code, we need to conceptualize what we’re building together. Paper is a great way to do that, it’s a low barrier to entry and highly disposable; it makes it easy for everyone to contribute ideas and get something not quite concrete out into the open.

Modified Style Tiles

Style Tiles are method to convey abstract ideas quickly without sinking a lot of time into it. They’re a great nimble way to process and iterate through a lot of different assets.

Component Based Design

After we land on the direction from the tiles, we’ll move into creating higher fidelity, modular pieces of design to work with in our project. The tools here can really vary but the key is to affirm the work done so far and have a clear picture of what we’re building.

Prototype Development

Now we need a prototype of something in the browser with real code! We’ll build out something to coalesce all the assets, components and ideas we’ve worked with so far into something that you can work and interact with to solve the original problem we defined.




If you're unsure where to get started, we can have an hourlong consulation and we can access what some of your needs are, how I can help and what some next steps look like for your project.


$125 / Hour

There's a minimum of a 5 hour commitment. Plus a non-refundable deposit of half down upfront is required to reserve that block of time. The amount of the deposit is credited towards our time together.


$4000 / Week

A week is a typical 40 hour working week. That's a 20% discount on the hourly rate. If you need me to go overtime, we'll revert to the hourly rate. Need me to come on-site? Let me know and we can factor that in!

To schedule work or for additional information, email Charles.