Charles Peters

Designer / Developer

Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue

This week was a hard week as a nation. Boston, Chicago, Waco, Gun Control, Gosnell. Every time I engaged with social media there seemed to be something to realize how broken the world is and to add another proof text for our cynicism. It’s not really hard to find for things to cultivate sadness anymore. There doesn’t seem to be a end to the amount of things that compete for our empathy so it’s excessively easy to put a barrier between ourselves and the bitter reality of suffering.

But the levees really broke this week, it wasn’t so easy to ignore the broken things that were so recently whole or ignore the pain. It would’ve been a challenge to not have empathy.


It’s during these moments I find important to remind myself that we live in a contention of how the world is and the world should (& one day will) be. There will be a day when everything sad is going to become untrue and everything will be made right.

And slowly it is.

The sad is coming untrue when the marathon runners ran another two miles after finishing the race to donate blood, when 800,000 more people have access to clean drinking water in Africa, when bottle gets put down, when prayers are uttered and when spring sneaks in after the longest winter.

It might be a naive belief, but it’s one I see more evidently in tragedy when I look past my own need to be sarcastic, hip and dark.