Charles Peters

Designer / Developer

Code-less Website Builders

There’s tons of services out there that will let you “build a website” without code on the market today. Weebly, Wix, Cargo, Adobe Muse, Jigsy, Yola, Vistaprint, Intuit; the list could go on for a long while. And it’s understandable why you’d want to go with one of these services, they’re cheap, they’re easy to set-up and probably easy to digest the process.

But not one of these services give you a lot of flexibility beyond the templates they offer, none of them are going to be able to give you amazing customer service or personally navigate any issue you have. None of these services can help truly customize your brand or emphasize you to the fullest extent you’d like.

Not to mention, very few of these services use web standards of coding (meaning not guaranteed to work in all browsers/operating systems/mobile). Most of them are going to want their icon, badge, colophon or name on your site; usually it’s in place of prime visual real estate. Plus they don’t leave a lot of room for you to export/transfer/migrate your content to another service like Wordpress or Blogger, should you want more control and flexibility on your site.

So to recap, there’s no flexibility/control, no way out, no way to predict what way they’re going to code and no real help available. These still sound like great services to use?

Now in all fairness services like Squarespace are decent and perform well. It’s really the only I can vouch for personally. Your best bet in all honesty is to trust a web designer/developer.