Charles Peters

Designer / Developer

Unfinished Work

I spent maybe less than 50 elapsed hours on the latest version of my website. I used Sass in a real way for the second or third time. My initial design was done in Photoshop really quickly. Extensive mobile testing wasn’t really on my radar for this project. The content strategy was to simply make more content exist. I used about one third of all Wordpress’ capability to organize my site. Git recently just became a thing that started to make a small notion of sense. Some of my media queries are kind of messy.

This project is largely unfinished & that’s my favorite part

Because it is unfinished I can make ongoing adjustments locally and push them back up to the server. I can observe where I need to tailor my design for the audience I’m accruing. My latest version of this site laid untouched since July. That doesn’t jive with the way I want to be writing and growing as a developer. This design can grow and be adapted and respond better because it’s unfinished.

Expect this space to change and become more active, because my goal is to share and get thoughts out my head and frame in a conversation; the obvious thing to do is share more. I’ve been observing and keeping way too quiet for a good chunk of time; now it’s time to start sharing and participating.