Charles Peters

Designer / Developer


Viewsources was a podcast about design and front-end development with Tim Evko, Lara Schenck & Brad Cerasani.

The theme song for Viewsources is “Let’s Be Friends, If That’s Okay” by Celadon City off of his Excursions album available on NoiseTrade.


I talked through typography on the web, performance, architecting CSS, JavaScript MVCs and front-end tooling. It was a great opportunity to survey different workflows, the benefits of certain frameworks over others and even how to think about progressive enhancement in 2015. One of the things I loved about doing this project was that we focused on how we as front-end developers could be more productive while keeping the end user in mind.

We had a few special episodes where I got to talk to interview guests on my own. My favorite episode was when I got to talk about how people work with Vim and use it in their daily design work.

Aesthetic Style

The site and the brand around Viewsources focused on graphed equations and geometric shapes. I thought it gave interesting touches to what could've been really ordinary pages. When we designed the site, we designed it using flexbox, as little CSS / JS as possible and with performance in mind.


This project ended with a whimper and not with a bang. But really it ended after I moved to the Pacific Northwest and I stopped having time to give to it. But you never know, life is long, I might reboot it eventually.